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All of our silver Jewelry is .925 Sterling Silver, and much of our jewelry is handcrafted.  Many of the silver designs we carry are original designs created by Windrose.
Each jewelry piece comes with an information card about the stones and symbols they contain. This additional information promotes interest in our jewelry for consumers, thereby increasing sales for our customers. Examples of this information are included below.

Silver Jewelry

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Turquoise Jewelry
Turquoise ranges from sky blue, blue-green to apple green and is an opaque stone.  Turquoise is used as a protective stone in Tibetan Shaman Tradition as well as Native American customs.  It is said to provide strength and protection during vision quests and astral travel.  It is grounding, brings peace of mind and improves meditation.  Creativity and intuition are stimulated and communication is enhanced.

Amethyst Jewelry
Amethyst is a quartz variety ranging in color from deep purple to pale lavender.  Associated with the crown chakra, it brings peace and calm which facilitates meditation.  Amethyst balances our energy bodies, thus creating stability, strength within ourselves and clarity in intellectual and spiritual matters.  It helps to transform negative energy into positive, loving energy. 

Carnelian Jewelry
The cheerful orange to red color of carnelian is an expression of its power to increase energy, awaken creativity, hidden talents, compassion and personal power.  Its uplifting vibrations help to stabilize the energy in a home and support loving relationships.

Peridot Jewelry
Peridot has a warm and friendly energy.  Its color ranges from yellow-green to olive green.  It is the color of the heart chakra and hope.  Peridot is said to bring openness and acceptance in relationships as well as insight into the changes necessary for spiritual growth.  Peridot is often called a healing stone, strengthening and regenerating the body.

Garnet Jewelry
Garnets deep red color has made it a favorite stone used in European folk jewelry for centuries.  Garnet is said to be the stone of the heart and it is given as a token of love.
Its corresponding planet is the sun, the element fire, and the zodiac sign is Leo.  Astrological scriptures state that garnet attracts the favor of its corresponding planet, sun, bestowing strength, vitality and creativity.  It strengthens the heart, calms anger and teaches patience and perserverance.

Lapis Jewelry
Since ancient times Lapislazuli is the stone worn by kings and priests.  It is said to support clarity, intellectual capacity and courage.  Its blue color energizes the throat chakra.  Lapis is said to protect the wearer from physical danger and bring joy and happiness.

Crystal Jewelry
This faceted clear quartz crystal follows an ancient tradition.  Since Ancient times, 2000 years ago, crystal has been regarded as coming from the “highest heavenly light”.  It was called “Krystallos” (Greek) which means “Frozen Matter”, as it looked so like ice, and it felt cool to the touch.  Old scriptures say, if you come to the temple with a crystal in hand, your prayers will be heard.  Crystals were used as healing tools, in rituals and were embedded in scepters to protect and enhance the power of kings.  Sacred relics were encapsulated in carved rock crystal shrines.  Clear quartz is said to be a special energy transmitter.  It enhances and absorbs energy and helps to focus.  It clears negativity and raises one’s vibration towards clarity.  Wear this faceted crystal for protection and healing. 
To clean the crystal-energy, rinse the crystal in running water or smudge it with sage.

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry
Rainbow moonstone has a beautiful blue sheen that moves as the stone moves.  It is a lunar stone and enhances the feminine aspects of one’s nature.  The energy of this stone is balancing and supports intuition.  It relieves emotional tension, stimulates creativity, nourishes hope, and gives energy for new beginnings.  It is also called “Travelers Stone” and used for protection during travel.

Om Jewelry
Om is the symbol for the sound of creation which never ceases.  Out of it emerged creation.  It is the word which was God.  In its vibrations everything is contained. Om is a wonderful tool for concentration which leads to meditation.  Many people of different beliefs practice the chanting of Om to experience peace, tranquility, and to connect with the higher wisdom of creation.

Yin Yang Jewelry
The universal opposites of Earth and Heaven, called Yin and Yang, symbolize the energies of man and woman.  Yin-Yang is of Chinese origin.  There are many interacting forces, i.e., light and dark, male and female, positive and negative, etc.  Each exists together in balance, each one containing a part of the other.

Ankh Pendants
The Egyptian Hieroglyph “Ankh” meant both “Life” and “Mirror.”  It became the symbol of eternal life and was depicted in countless frescoes, reliefs, and on furniture and jewelry.  Kings and gods hold it in their hands as sceptre and sign of their immortality.  Many people of all cultures wear the Ankh sign today as a reminder of their own immortality and of their spiritual and cultural roots in an ancient, highly developed culture such as the Egyptian.

Amoghsiddhi Buddha
Buddha sits in meditative pose on a Lotus Throne while his left hand rests in his lap, holding a bowl.  His right hand shows the Abhaya-Mudra, the gesture of protection, blessing and fearlessness.

Amitabha Buddha
Buddha sits in peaceful meditation, his hands resting in his lap (Dhyana-Mudra) holding a begging bowl.  Amitabha is called the Buddha of boundless light, the compassionate one.

Mandala Jewelry
Mandala is a Sanskrit word and means “circle” or “center.”  Its center represents the creator’s consciousness and is a symbol of never ending power.  A mandala is symmetrical and often surrounded by a square representing earth and the four directions: North, South, East and West.  In Tibetan art the Mandala has reached its highest and most subtle level.  It is a means to direct consciousness and used in meditation and ritual.  The turquoise set in this Mandala is a traditional power and protection stone.

Asta Mangala Jewelry

Endless knot.  Represents eternity and the endless cycle of rebirth.

Lotus flower.  Sacred flower, represents purity.

Umbrella.  Protects from evil.

The vessel.  Holds the elixir of immortality, represents plenty.

The fish.  Symbolizes the beings rescued from the ocean of misery.

Fly whisk.  Symbolizes tantric powers.

Conch shell.  Proclaims the glory of saints.

Prayer Wheel Jewelry
The Prayer Wheel is a Buddhist ritual instrument embossed with the mantra (Sacred Syllables) “Om Mani Padme Hum,” a prayer for protection.  Large Prayer Wheels are typically installed around temples and stupas and set in motion by the pilgrims.  Smaller Prayer Wheels are carried and turned while praying.  Our Prayer Wheel Pendant (which contains actual printed prayers) is a reminder of the silent prayers woven into our daily activities.

Kali Yantra Jewelry
The Indian Goddess Kali is the powerful image of a creator goddess and nurturer, the essence of motherly love and feminine energy.  Worlds are born by her, sustained by her and absorbed in a never ending cycle of her own opening and closing.  Her symbol is the “yoni” shown as triangle pointing down.  A Yantra is composed of lines forming a diagram in which envisioned and experienced energy is concentrated.   A square with four entrance portals represents the boundaries enclosing the meditating self.      

Pentagram Jewelry
The Pentagram is an ancient symbol found in many cultures, i.e., the Sumerians, Celts, Egyptians, Kabbalists, Christians and Gypsies.  It represents the five elements:  earth, water, fire, air and ether (spirit).  It is used as a protective charm and is found on baby cradles, doorways, churches, etc.  It brings good luck to the wearer and is a reminder of our connection with nature.

Chakra Jewelry
A custom-cut clear rock crystal with 7 facets is surrounded by 7 stones which represent our energy centers (chakras).
Root Chakra / Garnet - Red
Sacral Chakra / Carnelian - Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra / Citrine - Yellow
Heart Chakra / Peridot - Green
Throat Chakra / Blue Topaz - Light Blue
Third Eye Chakra / Iolite - Dark Blue
Crown Chakra / Amethyst - Violet

Crystals have been used for thousands of years as healing tools, in rituals and as protective amulets.

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